The Kaduna State Governor, His Excellency, Nasir El-rufai is quoted to have said at a Kaduna APC stakeholders meeting last Saturday, 16th October, 2017 that should they insist on fighting him, they would die like the late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua.

“I had fought with two Presidents” he said, “Umaru Yar’adua ended in his grave, while President Goodluck Jonathan ended in Otueke.”

What Governor El-rufa’i said, if it was a joke, let it remains like that, but if what he said was sincere and honest, I can say it was most unfortunate statement of the year.

I advise the Governor to withdraw such a statement with immediate effect. The Almighty Allah ‘hates’ those who consider themselves above others having special attributes different from them.

During the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) there was a moon eclipse that coincided with the time of the death of one of the sons of the Prophet (peace be upon him). The companions attributed the emergence of the moon eclipse to the death of the son of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Then, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) politely told the companions that moon eclipse was a sign among the signs created by Allah. It had nothing to do with the death of his son (peace be upon him).

Allah is the possessor of the Power, He gives to whom He will, and takes away from whom He will! (Al-Imran, verse 26). Therefore, both the two former Presidents were contained herein the stated verse which have nothing to do with His Excellency’s hate rage as well as public condemnation of the Presidents.

Islamic ally, it has been said times without number that Muslims should speak well and good of the Dead or shut up! That is what the present government of Muhammadu Buhari called “Hate Speech”.

If the Senate report on the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) were to be released, the way it was done on the former SGF, David Lawal Babachir, and the story would have been different to the present Kaduna State Governor.

Those in Glass houses, they say, should not throw stones; otherwise, the houses would remain no more.




Assalammu alaikum, Al-sheikh!

Alhamdulillah, for witnessing yet another Islamic new year 1439 after Hijra! We thank Almighty Allah for the wonderful gift observed in the passing of Day and Night, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Months and the Years.

The historical year of Hijra was a Decree by the Almighty Allah to the followers of Islamic religion under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who migrated from Makkah to Madina to avoid further persecution, maiming and killings of innocent believers in Islam by the non-believers.

Masha Allah, for being Muslims and glory be on to Him, the One and Only, ALLAH! We are most grateful and thankful to Him!

However, considering the write-up you produced, in particular the sad stories you narrated in your Saturday Column of Trust newspaper published today (23rd September, 2017) appeared to reflect the true meaning of being Islam.

Islam means “Peace” to those who are sincere, honest and trustworthy persons. The stories you quoted in your article considered to be the stories of the new Islamic calendar recommended to be read by all and sundry.

In fact, the second story touched the heart forcing the eyes dropped tears. It was a sad story combined to produce the challenges in life. The story shared the feelings of a “friend in-need, is a friend in-deed” which cannot be ignored by philanthropy organizations, individuals, man and woman, young and old.

In order not to continue shedding more tears for the story, I remain,



Anybody who wants to see drama, fiction or platform where leaders are disgraced let him/her come to Nigeria. Our country is places where every Tom, Dick and Harry will open his mouth to talk rubbish because they insist and believe on freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution.


Is the Constitution not a copy of the American system of government? How do the Americans operate the system? Have we ever visited America and witnessed how the system worked before embarking or applying same into the Nigerian system?


This is the second time we are witnessing Nigerian President fallen sick while in power. As if the heaven will fall down, numerous calls were made for the President to step aside or resign from the presidency position. You cannot use a wild banana leaf to shield yourself from the rain and tear it to pieces later when the rain comes to an end.


How many American Presidents fell sick and never resigned or step aside? There were five US Presidents who were in this category namely: Woodrow Wilson (1912 – 1921); Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933 – 1945); Dwight Eisenhower (1953 – 1961); John F. Kennedy (1961 – 1963) and of recent, George Bush (1989 – 1993).


Now, if five of American Presidents have been sick in Office, what is wrong if Nigerian current President, Muhammadu Buhari is also sick? Is it a new thing? Were they called upon to resign their elected position they sworn in to protect, depend and preserve? What is good for the goose must be good for the gander!


Is democracy a game of unintelligent people? We expect people to be fair in their judgment. However, with the current development happening in the country, we know the fight for the corruption must fight back. But, will it succeed? He who pursues an innocent chicken will always stumble in the process.


Apart from that, there were eight American Presidents who have died in Office. The four out of the eight died of natural causes. They were: William Henry Harrison (1841); Zachary Taylor (1850); Warren Harding (1923) and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1945).


The four other American Presidents who died but were assassinated include Abraham Lincoln (1865); James A. Garfield (1881); William McKinley (1901) and John F. Kennedy (1963).


Death is in the hands of ALLAH! Nobody knows when, where, how or who will die today, tomorrow or beyond. Why does some unguided element(s) will jump into the unknown to make unfortunate remarks in areas where they had no control or allowed to judge a situation? They said if somebody is against you, the first thing to remember is airplane takes off against the wind facing it not with it!


Democracy as highlighted cannot be taken for granted. The achievements/success recorded by the sick President has never been done in the country. This is the first time in the history of Nigerian democracy in uprooting an incumbent government to an opposition one, because when a rife fruit sees an honest man, it will drop on its own to show some solidarity.


The aim was to install sanity in all the sectors of the economy. It is the first time, a Whistle blowing policy was judged to be the best inplemented with a view to making the country FREE from illegal acquision of wealth. He, who does not look ahead, always remains behind pretending being a looser.


Enough is enough! Nigerians are becoming wiser now than before. If democracy is to succeed, it is time to allow it prosper in order to a lay the foundation of good governance for the future of Nigerians. We will not allow some few elements dominating the scene of the media with the so-called elders telling Nigerians what to do on the leadership we strived to install under the most free and fair election ever held in the country.


This is because the person who has not travelled widely thinks his mother is the best cook!




As I continue to pray for Allah to forgive you and bless you, I also pray for you to belong to the inhabitants of Al-Jannatul Firdausi – the highest and most respectable paradise in the Hereafter.


Every year the likes of your political associates, supporters as well as the best wishers for you used to undertake anniversary celebrations for your demise. While you were alive, you dedicated yourself to the worship of Allah. You fear Him because you knew one day, you will meet Him.


The fear of Allah made you what the people are celebrating annually in view of your contributions to the “Talakawa” whom you fought, depend and named the struggle “Democratic Humanism.” It is the fear of Allah that made you return and collect receipt of #2million into the coppers of the federal government when you were a Minister. The rest has become a history.


Sir, it will surprise you to note that the political atmosphere has completely changed into something else. The introduction and implementation of the American system of government has thrown the country into the hands of rogues, mischievous, unpatriotic, etc that raised more questions than answers.


Nigerians are now calling for the withdrawal of the system or demanding for a referendum to change the whole system. Unfortunately, the constitutional experts say there was nothing like referendum in the country’s constitution. The issue of having a referendum does not arise.


Sir, Nigerians are now in the dilemma as the constitution has sideline the people (local governments) but empowered the Executives to do away everything they consider not best for themselves. The case of State-Local government joint account is a testimony.


The ideology you preached “Democratic Humanism” is no longer relevant to the leaders of today. Many present Nigerian leaders of today from Councilor upwards preached “Moneyism” ideology. The political leaders have developed the urge to grasp wealth, popularity and power to commit all kinds of atrocities without anybody, even the Judiciary (which is worse) cannot call them to order.


The State legislators are in shoulder to shoulder with the Judiciary in terms of corruption and abuse of office. They always have cups in hands to the executives to beg for money at the detriment of the poor people in the country.


Your blessed memory, the sons and daughters, the supporters and admirers you left behind are now the leaders’ in-charge of running the affairs of the country. They are the ones to protect, depend and uphold the country’s constitution in manners to making the ordinary people suffer but their families live in mansions and riches.


Sir, let me not bother you much in your blessed memory of death but what has happened in the history of this country from 1999 to date, remains unbelievable, a mirth, imaginary, a forecast or a dream for a trust and worthy person to assimilate.


The country is blessed with distinguished and honorable financial squanderers who dressed decently but nicely to steal, rob, embezzled, mismanaged and above all ‘safe’ keep the loots in houses, forests, cemeteries, etc outside the banking system.


Occasionally, the Central Bank of Nigeria will highlight on the inflation figure, money deposit banks, rise and fall of our currency, etc with or without knowing what is happening to other ‘safe’ keeping instruments out of the economic system.


Lastly, the country has now acknowledged the arrival of a leader who appears to follow your footsteps in the area of transparent honesty and accountability. He has waged a war of insurgency which yielded good results, a war in the bribery and corruption which stopped the national assembly from attending bills sent to it by the presidency to set up Special Courts in related corrupt cases and a war in making the economy stand alone on its own cutting everything less important in order to save the country’s foreign exchange.


However, despite all these, the President is not left alone. He was accused of being surrounded in the kitchen cabinet with those who do not wish the country well. What the leader preached, they tend to go other ways to counteract his policy/ideology.


For example, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), David Babachir Lawal, is on suspension for awarding contracts of grass cutting for $500,000.00 to his own company, “Rholavision Engineering” of which he was a Director. This clearly was a breach of public office code of conduct ethics.


The National Intelligence Agency, Director General Ambassador Ayo Oke went along with the SGF on suspension for illegally acquiring and keeping ‘cash’ in dollars, pound sterling and in naira totaled N15billion or $50 million in a private building in Osborne Street in Lagos.


Some critics say, there were more corruptible elements in the government who needed to be shown the way out of the government but kept mute because the issue is being handled with care.


Sir, since 1999 to date, there was only one single former impeached Governor in the whole of Nigeria that was imprisoned outside the country. He was tried in Nigeria and acquitted. The British government found him guilty and imprisoned him for years and returned to Nigeria in a rousing welcome by his people.


You see! Somebody stole your money, laundered same abroad and was imprisoned, yet, you happily welcome him home again to deceive, cheat and play with your intelligence. What unserious minded people we have in this country?


Many of the Governors found guilty of corruption and abuse of office since then have been busy going about normal businesses, visiting friends and relatives without concern. Some of them have been blaming the federal government on the slow action taken on corrupt cases. Others have resorted in blackmailing the government with unfavorable propaganda leading to higher rate of exchange, non availability of foodstuff, owing workers’ salary for more than 9 months, ineffective power supply; deterioration of bad roads, etc.


Above all, the national assembly which has the majority of the members won election under platform of the President has been working under the cover to thwart the efforts of the federal government not to achieve its aims and objectives on bribery and corruption scandals.


In conclusion, I pray for the Almighty Allah to forgive you and bless you. As for those who passed before you, I pray to Allah to have mercy and forgive them. As far as we are concerned, I pray to Allah to give us the best of this world and the hereafter. Ameen!



Nigerians Have No Alternative Than Go To The Farms

images (4)The hue and cry concerning the rise in persistent prices of basket of foodstuff in Nigeria has a limit. The best for Nigerians is to go back to the farms.

Many people have abandoned going to the farms and decided to make a living in the towns and cities. The few people living in the villages, or producing the quantity of foodstuff needed in the country have found the cost of fertilizers skyrocketing.

The federal government must, as a matter of utmost urgency, provide the most needed  fertilizer to enable them carry on with farming before the farming season began. Asking farmers to buy fertilizer at the midddle or end of the season is like telling them to leave the farming.

Those residing in the cities and towns who do not regard farming compulsory were the ones crying for government assistance to bring down the prices of foodstuff.

Even if you cannot afford going to and from the farmland, one should engage the services of other people to assist them,